Interview & Life-Ruining Lack of Vegan Bento

So, today I had an interview for a lovely shop in Brighton. It was really exciting actually, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much but the people were really nice and it looks like such a cool place to work, so up my street. Looking very professional too, here, have a look:

Nice, huh? So yeah, I really hope I get a call tomorrow to let me know I have it. I just wanted to show off how professional I looked!

Anyway, today I was hoping to review the Vegan Bento dish that I get every week from the Japanese shop from across the street. It’s absolutely delicious and I literally look forward to it all week long, but today I’d hyped myself up, went for my interview, even did a whole 9-minute run, and thought I’d treat myself, and they’d ran out of the Vegan one!! Guy isn’t strictly anything diet-wise, so he got the shrimp one which I hear is still delicious, but not quite as delicious. I was so upset! I’ll let you know what is in the dish anyway in case you are ever down, erm… I can’t remember the name of the street. It might be Fleet Street? Near the big Sainsbury’s just off London Road. It’s worth looking for, but if it’s a Thursday and there’s one Vegan one left, please leave it for me.

But, anyway! It’s basically a lot of boiled sticky rice, with this purple topping that I think is seaweed based and soy beans. They cook their tofu in some ridiculously tasty sauce, and the best way to eat it is to mix the tofu up in the rice with the beans. You get those pumpkin slices as well – and a sweet potato salad, they taste best together. Then there’s a tiny bit of pickled vegetable, it’s different every time and I’ve only been able to find one online – for £8 a vegetable. It’s also got a tiny, tasty spring roll and what I think is a vegetable won-ton. I like to eat those bits on their own. And all that for a fiver! I’m feeling so sad just thinking about it. I wish I was eating one right now.

But anyway, I’d seen this place on Trafalgar Street called Cafe Trafé yesterday, and they have a serve-yourself bar of salads, which is something I am very into. I’ve literally never seen this place before, which is weird because I’ve always got my beady little eyes on the lookout for vegan food, so I thought I’d go and try one of these salads to cheer myself up. It was a bit busy in there with businessmen who were all stood around on their phones, but I just handed the nice lady behind the till £4 and grabbed a salad box.

It’s weird, especially living in Brighton, you’d’ve (it’s red-squiggly-lining that word but I’m leaving it) thought that there were loads of places to eat vegan foods. Which is true – there’s places like the Loving Hut, and the food at the Hope and Ruin, but unless it’s specifically Vegan there’s probably one, maybe two options on most menus? So it was nice to see a non-strictly-vegetarian place have so many choices. I think I ended up having like, a mixture of 5 different salads, and I had kale for the first time which was so tasty!

The box doesn’t look too big but I think most people would overestimate how many beans and rice they could eat in one go. I think I ended up with a sweet potato and courgette mix (tasty), and some courgette curls (I am obsessed with spiral food, ask anyone, I am totally obsessed with the thought of getting a JML spiraliser), lots of beans, some spicy rice with raisins in and kale and those spicy little balls you get in Tuna Mayo sometimes, I don’t know what they’re called. It was all so good, I just love serve-yourself stuff anyway, it makes me feel so special. And I’m like, 99% certain it was the healthiest lunch anybody has ever eaten ever. So I would recommend there as well!

I don’t really know why I’m doing these reviews to be honest. I enjoy it though, I feel like I’m getting something done even though I know full well that I’m procrastinating a painting I’ve got to finish off. I enjoy it anyway. Hope you do too.

Talk soon!












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