Every Cloud?

Okay, so I’ve just been feeling like I’ve had “one of those days” today. Everything feels like it is going wrong, and I get into such a negative mood about things myself, that I just let escalate and I just bought an avocado for dinner that was frozen and it nearly tipped me over the edge so I’m writing an optimistic blog post to cheer myself up.

So I’ve been out on the town, sending out CVs today. I did quite a few and found a couple of places I would really like to work at so I’ve got my fingers crossed for this.

I don’t own an ironing board but it straightened itself out. What do you think of my CV outfit?

So far I have been offered 6 interviews. I’m not going to take them all but I’ve got one on Wednesday for a vintage clothes shop which is pretty cool. But it’s good to know that something I’m doing is working! Probably my eyeliner today. Was on point.

I also have been super-tired recently, like all day every day, and today was one of the worst, but I still managed to sort myself out and I went for a little run to train for Pretty Muddy. And obviously it really woke me up and I did feel a bit better afterwards. This is also going to sound ridiculous, but I’m on the third week of the C25K app, which starts off at the very, very, very basic jogging, and this week the longest you run for is 3 minutes. Until today, the longest I’d ever run for in 5 years was 90 seconds, and I was actually nervous about running for 3 minutes. How pathetic is that? But three weeks ago, I was struggling to run for a minute and today 3 minutes was actually okay!

These last couple of months have been so so so tough at work as well, at least all my being-busy of today have kept up my May step-count average. I’m absolutely smashing it like, beyond, which is probably why I’m so tired. Fucking 25k average. Working at B&Q! No wonder I’m so tired!

I don’t know how well this is written, by the way, I’m sorry for that, but Survivor NZ is on and I’m really into it.

I’ve gotta go now, they’re making people duel.

Anyway, talk soon!


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