Hot, isn’t it?

Jesus, I went for my run this morning and it was bloody horrible. It’s so hot! I’m totally new to all this so I thought I’d write my plan down here, if any of you are runners or are more healthy than me or just have any tips I’d really appreciate if you could share them so I could see what I’m doing right and wrong?

Okay, so I work at B&Q four days a week, with Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays off. On working days that is pretty much the only exercise I will do – it is a very active job (as previously mentioned, like, I am WAY too small to be dragging around fence posts all day but that’s my life) – and I walk a mile to and from work every day. So I don’t usually do much after work.

5 days a week I do the workout that Pretty Muddy suggests you do – it’s less than 10 minutes long, one sec, I’ll show you what it is.


Taken from the Race for Life – Pretty Muddy Page

And then on my days off, every day I will follow the C25K app, which means that right now I’m running for 9 minutes out of 28. Which isn’t so bad considering I started off doing 0 minutes out of 0. But Pretty Muddy is in 5 weeks… do you think I will be able to run it in that time? And do you have any more tips for me? What sort of vegan diet will be best do you think? I eat a lot of couscous and salad and fruit and porridge but I feel tired a lot of the time. Like, all the time. (Although I’m not sure that has anything to do with my diet, I have always been on the tired side.) I take vitamins but my shifts are all over the place and sometimes I forget. Is there any diet you follow that keeps you healthy but doesn’t tire you out so much that you can’t do what you want?

Any and all tips are appreciated. Hope you’re having a nice day in the sun.

Talk later!


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