Deciding on a Niche

Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting lately, due to the massive amounts of sun we are getting in Brighton right now, I have been either at work or cooking in the UV.

Work is going really excellently. It is so much nicer here, I feel more chilled out, the customers are friendlier, and I am just more relaxed and happier as a person. It’s even had a knock-on effect on Guy, who has suddenly chilled waaaaay out. I even caught him having a G&T and a menthol cigarette out on the balcony the other day. Weird.

I’ve also been on a couple of really nice day trips, we went to Camber Sands last week, which was nice but would have been nicer if the wind was blowing at about 80mph less than what it was. And we visited Worthing beach yesterday which is like Brighton beach but a lot more quiet, which I love, and with a bit of sand, which I also love. I think Worthing gets a lot of flack for being a seaside town, but I love those kinds of seaside towns with the main high street and the cheap little seaside cafés and the fish and chip shops. It’s nice. Just bought an inflatable whale for my next adventure.

Anyway, back to the blog of today! Finding a niche!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am doing a Product Design course, basically because it was the only A-Level I had which wasn’t Maths, and I hated Maths. It’s alright, I… quite enjoy it, but I’m not very good at it because the passion isn’t really there.

My real passion lies in illustrative work, I’ve always loved it but hated it at school and let it shape my whole education. But because I’m so indecisive I have no idea what I actually would like to do with it! So far I’ve wanted to be a commission-based painter, a graphic designer and a sign painter/type creator (I’m still really keen on that idea), but right now I would love to be a tattoo artist. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve never been so keen on anything. I love making designs and reading about them, and looking at them and it’s the most imaginative and creative I’ve ever felt, so I’m really happy about that. I really feel like I’ve just found something I totally click with. I just don’t know how… to… progress from here.

Do you guys have any advice? Anyone else struggle to find something they were really good at? Or any tattoo artists out there who have any advice for somebody who might want to start out?


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