Skinny Fat is a thing?

I can’t sleep right now because I’ve just discovered something about myself that has been stressing me out lately. Skinny Fat is a thing!

So basically, skinny fat is when you don’t weigh very much, but have absolutely no muscle mass so you’re still all wobbly and bobbly. It’s super annoying because everyone will be like “Oh, you’re so skinny” but they don’t see you with your clothes off and your little mates, pouchy and muffin top 1 & 2. 

It should come as no shock that basically my issue is that I’ve never picked up a weight in my entire life. The thought of it scares me but I’ve just done a litthe reading and have come up with an excelent plan. 

So, I already go running 3x a week which is excellent. All I need to do is add resistance training 3x a week, and start eating properly (like, making my own meals, not skipping meals, eating snacks etc.)

The only problem I can foresee is at work where I work 11-4 or 11-5 with no proper break so eating properly for lunch then is difficult. Just got to find some good vegan recipes that won’t need refrigerating.

Anyway I’m just really excited about starting to his, probably in July and I was excited to share the news. Hopefully I’ll be a little beefcake soon enough. 



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